Application Area Ideal for use indoor & outdoor applications, walls, floors, dry and wet areas, shower area, swimming pools etc.
Product Packaging 500 ml & 1ltr.


Avoid using on surfaces that are not resistant to acid like marble or terrazzo. As this product is not skin-sensitive, always wear gloves while using it; do not use it with your bare hands.


Fast acting wall & floor tile cleaner.

Courage Area

Technical Specification


This product exhibits great functionality over ceramic tiled floors and walls with it’s acid based cleaner that’s strong and effective. It is ideal for use on vertical as well as horizontal surfaces. It removes cement film residues, lime scale and efflorescence. It is also great for use on other acid resistant surfaces.

Cleaning Instructions

severe eye irritation can occur. Wear protective gloves and protect eyes. If gets in contact of your eyes, rinse cautiously with water several times. Remove contact lenses, and continue rinsing. Contains isothiazolinone mixture. It could lead to an allergic reaction.


a powerful, heavy duty, acid – based cleaner for tiles floor and wall. The cleaner can be easily applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces, where it remains in contact with the area to be cleaned. Heavy duty tile cleaner is designed for removal of cement film residues, efflorescence and lime scale. It may also be used as general purpose cleaner on other acid resistant surface.


do not use on surfaces that are not resistant to acid such as marble, terrazo, SS Sinks & Faucets.
Do not use your bear hand, use hand gloves whiles using tiles care. Highly reactive to skin.


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