Learning and development

“Varmora” is a place where employees enjoy accepting challenges as it provides them with a drive to excel. Employees rejoice when faced with obstacles as it offers them an opportunity to scale new heights. Employees function in a completely performance-driven and meritocratic culture where excellence is rewarded and recognised. Each member of the team plays his or her part in ensuring tat the customer-centric approach is upheld at all times.
We aim to create and maintain a conducive environment that nurtures talent and facilitates growth. Our core developmental strategy is to keep our employees healthy and happy always. Our ‘people strategy’ contributes to the success of the business and is also a ‘feel-good’ factor for our employees. We endeavour to provide a healthy work-life balance through many vibrant sports, cultural and social development activities. These extra-curricular activities help our people loosen up and have fun

Come, explore a world where opportunities to excel co-exist with living life to the fullest.

Life At Varmora